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Layers panel

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Layers panel

Layers panel

When you open a module file, it is loaded into the current processing layer (the default is a single layer). If a module has already been loaded in the current layer, it will be replaced. To avoid this, you can create a new empty layer and load the desired module into it. Thus, you can create several layers, each of which will contain its own color correction module.

Layers in GrossGrade have a lot in common with the usual adjustment layers used in some popular applications:

Layers are applied to the image sequentially. The color correction of each subsequent layer combined with the color correction of the previous one according to the selected blend mode,

Any layer has a blend mode parameter: normal, multiply, dodge, etc.,

Any layer has an opacity parameter,

Any layer can be assigned a mask (mask group) that defines the local areas of the image that are affected by color correction (see "Masks").


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