GrossGrade overview


GrossGrade overview

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GrossGrade is a software environment for photo / image color correction or grading. You can choose and use various color correction tools (modules) from the constantly expanding library. In addition, the environment allows you to create your own tools or modify existing for solving a large number of tasks related to analysis, color correction, calibration, as well as non-trivial tasks.


GrossGrade is not ...


GrossGrade is not a graphics editor with any retouching or compositing functions. The program works only with color adjustment, which means that the way of image processing based on isolated color translation, when each resulting color of the pixel depends on initial color of the same pixel and stays unaffected by any other pixels. However there are a few types of mask creating tools allowing local adjustments of image fragments.


GrossGrade is not yet ...


For now GrossGrade works as a standalone application, however the future plan is to port program as a plugin to several host applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe AfterEffects. Besides that a Mac OS version is expected. Also the application works only with still images yet, but will allow video a bit later. At the same time the dynamic masks based on curves planned to be realized for video.


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