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Visual component "PieSliceShifter"

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The PieSliceShifter component divides color gamut on the segments of the pie chart. For each segment, you can set the offset for Lightness, Hue, and Chroma.


Visual part



The entire color gamut can be divided into an unlimited number of segments. Each segment has an impact area bounded by two adjacent segments (except when there is only one segment - in this case it corresponds to the entire color gamut).


Example: the color gamut is divided into four segments, each picture shows the highlighted area of the individual segment.

Example: the color gamut is divided into four segments, each picture shows the highlighted area of the individual segment.

Managing the number of segments

You can delete, add, and move segments.

To add a segment, double-click the desired free space on the chart.

To move a segment, place the cursor on the segment axis (it will be highlighted) and hold it with the left mouse button and move it to the desired location.

To delete a segment, right-click the context menu.

Color corrections within a single segment

Each segment has an axis on which the point is located. This point is a control for changing the color hue and saturation within a given segment. By moving a point relative to its initial position, you can change the hue and saturation of colors. By moving a point with the Shift key pressed, you can change the lightness of colors within this segment.


In addition, the "Hue", "Saturation (Chroma)", "Lightness" parameters can be controlled by the arc sliders around the pie chart (if they are enabled by the corresponding option).


When the "Show 3D ball" option is enabled, if one of the segments is selected, a ball filled with variations of the average color of the selected segment appears in the center of the chart:


If a segment has an offset of one or more parameters, the left-lower half of the ball is filled with the original color of the segment, and the right-upper half - the resulting color.


In the upper left corner of the component there is a button element that controls "targeting" (available only if the "allow picking from image" option is enabled):


Targeting is a mode in which the user can control the component by clicking directly on the image itself. In this case, in the targeting mode, the user can click on the colors of the image to create new segments of the chart, or change the parameters of existing segments.

Context menu

The context menu is available by right - clicking.



"Color segments" group


"Add segment" - add a new segment to the chart in the place where the context menu was called. You can also add a segment by double-clicking on an empty area of the chart.

"Add segment ..." - open a dialog box to add a new segment if you want to specify the exact parameters of the segment.

"Delete selected" - delete selected segments of the chart.

"Delete all" - delete all segments of the chart.


"Enabled" - enable / disable the effect of selected chart segments.

"Segment settings ..." - open a dialog box for precise editing of segment parameters. This menu item is active only if the menu was called by clicking on one of the segments.

"Select all" - select all chart segments.

"Reset selected" - reset the offset values for the selected chart segments.

"Reset all" - reset the offset values for all segments of the chart.


"Options" group


"Show cloud" - show / hide the image color distribution cloud inside the pie chart.

"Show 3D ball" - show / hide the 3D ball in the center of the pie chart, clearly showing the color variations of the currently selected segment.

"Pick from image" - turn on the targeting mode to control the segments by using clicks on the image.

"Add new segments" - when the targeting mode is enabled, enable the ability to add new segments by clicking on the image.


"Color space" group


Contains the available color spaces in which the component can operate.

"Auto" means to use the current color space without conversion.

"Color point/segment settings" dialog box


Available by menu command "Add segment ..." and the "Segment settings...".

This dialog box contains the elements of the precise control of the parameters of the segment.


"Angle" parameter - is the angle of the central axis of the segment, in degrees.


Parameter changes are applied instantly to the segment so that you can track the results. However, when you close the dialog box, the changes are saved only when you click Ok.

Parameters inside the component node

Component node



"affect cloud" option - apply the current color correction of the component to the displayed color distribution cloud (if enabled).

"limit segment moves" option - enable limitation of segment point offset by the adjacent segments.

"show arc sliders" option - show / hide arc sliders around the pie chart.

"allow picking from image" option - allows the user to enable targeting mode (show the element-button in the left-top corner, as well as show the corresponding items in the context menu).



Click toggle to expand/collapse hidden blockInput ports

Port name

Port type


affect cloud


Corresponds to the "affect cloud" option - affect color distribution cloud with component color correction.

Standard ports are not listed here because these ports and their functions are equal for all components (see " Standard ports").


Click toggle to expand/collapse hidden blockOutput ports

The component does not have special ports. Standard ports are not listed here because these ports and their functions are equal for all components (see " Standard ports").



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